The SYAC Girls Softball Weather Hot Line number is (516) 827-8390.    Call to listen to important messages concerning scheduled games.

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If you haven't visited the web site lately, we've continued making improvements, making it easier for you to see what's going on with your team.

To find your team's picture, schedule and game stories, simply click the softball above your team’s league. When that league's home page opens, click the link for "Directory and Scoreboard."

This page shows the names of the teams that SYAC Sponsors have helped us create. Our sponsors help make it possible for us to have such great seasons, year in and year out, so we urge you to patronize them. If your team's sponsor has their own web site, you can visit it by clicking their name in the standings—or —by clicking the team name or logo on the team's page, which you get to by clicking the team number.

On the Team page, you'll find the names of the players on your team, your team's schedule, the score of each game they've played, their record, and brief writeups of each game. To protect privacy, we are no longer listing coaches' phone numbers on the web pages. Instead, your coaches name is now a "mailto" link. Click it to send your coach an email message.

Last but not least, the Team's Page has the thing you set out looking for in the first place: the team's picture. Well, once it's been taken, of course, Picture Night schedules will be posted soon.

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