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Rules 6U

Girls Softball Instructional Division Rules 2022


Girls Softball Instructional Division is a non-competitive division. Each game should encompass an instructional aspect before and during the game.

  1. Weeknight games will start at 6:00 P.M and weekend games as scheduled.
  2. Rain outs will be determined by the league and a notification will be sent out via email and text to all parties.
  3. Time limit �¢?? we should try to keep the time to about 1:30 for each session.

This division is instructional. We want to play the games. Both managers to cooperate if opposing team needs players to field a team.

  1. Coaches must be on the field to instruct their players and should be standing on the outfield grass behind the outfielders. No more than two defensive coaches should be on the field instructing the players at any time.
  2. No one is permitted behind the backstop during the games. This includes all coaches, parents & children.
  3. There is ZERO tolerance policy for any type of abuse. Managers are responsible for behavior of the parents and spectators of their team.
  4. Only those on your team roster can ever practice/play or participate with your team. Under no circumstances can siblings or friends not registered in SYACGS participate.

15. All players should always be in full uniform. Top, bottom and socks.


  1. 1. We will be using 11�¢?? softballs that are soft.
  2. The coach should pitch from about 25 feet from the back of home plate.
  3. Coaches will pitch to their own team.
  4. Each girl will receive a maximum of 5 swings. If they are unable to put the ball in play they will then hit off a tee. This rule is meant to keep the game moving and the girls engaged in the field.


  1. Each player must wear a fielding mask to play in the field.

Please rotate the girls every few batters to allow all girls to play in the infield during the game portion of the session.

It is strongly suggested that each manager make an organized list/chart prepared before the game of fielding positions for each inning and batting order.

Two Coaches should be in the field instructing the players on what to do when the ball is hit to them.

We will not be playing outs but we encourage you the coaches to acknowledge an out and explain why to both the player and runner.


  1. All players will bat every inning. Please rotate the batting order each time they get up.
  2. Each girl will receive 5 swings. If they are unable to put the ball in play they will then hit off a tee. If the girl hits a foul ball on the 5th swing give them another chance to out the ball in play.
  3. Keep records and alternate the batting order from game to game. The same girls should not be batting in the lower half of the order on a consistent basis.
  4. Innings are over once all players have batted.
  5. All players must wear a batting helmet with an approved face guard. No exceptions to this rule.


  1. Bases will be set at 45 feet.
  2. No leading and no stealing of any base.
  3. Runners may not take extra bases on any over throw.
  4. No advancing to an extra base on any errors.
  5. If you are playing with a catcher please have the catcher ready for the start of the inning.
  6. If a batter cleanly hits a ball through the infield/into the outfield area and the umpire would not score it an error, they are permitted to run for a double. A batter may not try to extend a single into a double on balls hit in front of the infielders or on overthrows resulting from infield ground balls.
  7. No infield fly rule.
  8. No girls will be considered out on a play and will remain on the base.

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